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The Marina Rinaldi Elegante Collection formal wear dresses are the perfect solution for the woman who wants to flaunt her figure at formal occasions and events. You can wear a short dress or a long dress, depending on the occasion and your personality: either way, you can count of the quality of our clothing, designed and created for a chic, curvy woman with stylish elegance. Alternative choices include formal sheath dresses, in an elegant, timeless style embellished with luxury embroidery, and empire-style formal dresses, with draped lines for a classic look on special occasions. Those wanting to express their personality more emphatically can choose the special long occasion wear dresses: the refined materials and high-quality finishes combine perfectly with the style of a bold, curvy woman with a glamorous touch. All Marina Rinaldi clothing is designed for a self-assured, body-confident woman, especially the Elegante Collection, which consists of clothing for special occasions, with an exclusive approach to the idea of luxury. The sumptuous embroidered fabrics of the formal dresses can be enhanced by accessories, bags and shoes in various styles that complete an elegant, feminine, refined look.